Outreach: Wayne National Forest, Athens Ranger District-Support Services Specialist

Here is another exciting opportunity on the Wayne National Forest, Athens District please distribute far and wide. Thank you.

*******OUTREACH NOTICE*******

Support Services Specialist, GS-0342-6/7


Title, Series, and Grade: Support Services Specialist, GS-0342-6/7
Position: One (1)

Tour of Duty: Detail Temporary promotion-NTE 120 days – Full -Time Position

Duty Station: Wayne National Forest, Athens Ranger District, Nelsonville OH


Serves as the point of contact involving unit project proposals by collecting and analyzing costs, staff power and procurement. Reviews project expenditures by ensuring allocations are not exceeded and surpluses are identified, appropriate staffs are alerted, and if necessary, recommends reprogramming in other areas. Initiates and controls a variety of personnel processing activities, e.g., initiating electronic requests for personnel actions, annual performance ratings, local recruitment, and new employee orientation. Ensures staff maintains employee development folders for employees. Advises the supervisors of cyclical actions for which employees are about to become eligible. Prepares and monitors human resources-related reports for the office. Keeps employees informed of human resources policy and regulatory changes, such as those related to leave, injury compensation, retirement, promotion, etc. Assist District/Forest staff in the use of Paycheck 8 and ensures that staff is kept current on HR policies, rules, and regulations regarding time and attendance, office closure, etc. Responsible for purchasing or contracting for supplies, equipment, and services through open market purchase by blanket arrangement, cash, or field purchase order using a VISA credit card. Prepares documents to order goods, supplies and/or services for various unit operations. Responsible for selecting the correct and most cost-efficient method and/or instrument to accomplish procurement action. Advises staff on availability of funds and impact pending procurement action will have on operating budget when significant.Ensures that procurement requests for general support services such as office supply stock levels and office equipment include pertinent information such as item description, quantity, discount terms, unit prices, delivery terms, fund citation, special clauses, and certifications. Verifies purchase order receipts and follows up on invoices and other payment documents. Prepares, controls, coordinates, and assembles information for procurement documents. Reviews contract status reports to determine which purchase orders, inter-agency agreements, or contracts are active or inactive.

Position Contact – Further Information:

For further information please contact Jason Reed, Athens District Ranger, atjason.reed or 740-753-0403.

Outreach Response Database:

Forest Service Internal: https://apps.fs.usda.gov/hrm/outreach/Outreach?id=B49DA719298249A390080E80E5D3FDBC

Public Link: https://fsoutreach.gdcii.com?id=B49DA719298249A390080E80E5D3FDBC

Brian Wagner
Administrative Operations Specialist
Forest Service

Wayne National Forest, Supervisors Office

C: 740-409-1648

p: 740-753-0903
f: 740-753-0118

13700 US HWY 33
Nelsonville, OH 45764

Caring for the land and serving people

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