Handy Guides For My Grad Students

My Dear Graduate Students,

Here athesis committee dog asks u to defend ur dissurtashunre a few links to guides I have compiled with you and my previous grad students. I hope that they make your life easier!


Article Summary Form – Not sure how to summarize the key bits of an article? Feeling intimidated about compiling your personal annotated bibliography? Use this form to get the boulder rolling.

Best Ways To Accomplish a Lit Search – A couple sensible guidelines about shrinking your blind spots while performing a lit search.

Course of Study Template – A couple remarks that my graduate students have supplied concerning classes to take as a grad student.

Detailed Outline Format for Theses – This document serves like a little template. Use it, or the one supplied by the grad school.

Example Poster Abstracts – Headed to a conference? You might refer to this if you’re stumped about drafting your abstract.

Gaining Entrance Into Closed Groups – Is your research project about a sensitive social topic? Take a look here as a jumping-off point to more detailed discussions in your textbooks.

How To Read Articles – Another take on getting what you need out of an article without grinding to a halt.

Milestones to Graduation – This guide is outdated–visit our Google Docs version instead.

On-Campus Assistantships – Searching for funding support? More than one of my grad students has been able to take advantage of these.

Presidential Management Fellowship Checklist – The PMF program is highly prestigious and the application is not trivial. Here’s a short guide we compiled to help ourselves for next time.

Survey Editing Template – This guide is a short jumping-off point to the more detailed survey/questionnaire instrument editing checklist in Vaske’s textbook.

Surviving Grad School in the PARCS Research Group – This list collects the survival strategies of your fellow research grad students. How to manage Dr. Park! How to stay sane!

Why you always inspect data visually – Once you’ve collected data, read this. It will sober you up.