USAJOBS Posting – Student Trainee – Soil Conservation and Enginneering

Its that time of year for internship possibilities with NRCS. There are 2 student trainee position types being advertised on USAjobs with Multiple states in the US including Iowa and Illinois. One is for Soil Conservation trainees the other is for ag engineering trainees.

Candidates will need to put in 640 hours before graduation to finish the program. That is 2 full summers of work. Typically students that are freshman and Sophomores will be able to meet these requirements. Juniors that need 4.5 or 5 years to complete course work could fit as well. Some students will do a summer then work their senior winter break to get the hours. They will need to prove that that are currently enrolled in college courses. An unofficial transcript with their current work load will work. If the transcript does not have the current course work on it they will need a note/paperwork from the school that shows they are currently enrolled. Finally for the soil conservation trainees they will need to complete 30 hours of course work in natural resources or agricultural related courses. As a part of that 12 hrs. need to be a combination of soils and crops (forest management/products classes count) /plant science classes. A minimum of which 3 hrs. have to be crops/plant science and 3 hrs. have to be in soils.

Students interested in the ag engineering positions will need to get the same number of work hrs. before graduation.

The link to the job announcement in USAJOBs is in the forwarded email. Students interested will need to apply in USAJOBs. A little tip for resumes on USAJOBs positions in general, HR is trained to find information they are looking for from the USAJOBs resume builder. I would suggest candidates use the resume builder or to make their resume look similar to that set up. Pay attention to the position duties and requirements section of the announcement when building their resumes of any jobs in USAJOBs

Hope the school year is going well.


Nathan Rahe
District Conservationist

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

1445 Lake Drive

Knoxville Iowa 50138

(641) 842-5314 ext. 3

Intended Audience: NRCS Employees and Partner Employees

Purpose: Announce Posting of Student Trainee – Soil Conservation

Announcement Number: NRCS-24-12159546-NW-PW-BDC
Position Title/Series/Grade: Student Trainee – Soil Conservation GS 499 2-4
Organization: NRCS IOWA
Duty Locations: several locations in Iowa
Open & Closing Dates: 10/11/2023 – 10/26/2023
USAJobs URL: USAJOBS – Job Announcement

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