U.S. Forest Service Presidential Management Fellowship – Job Opportunity

Good morning,
On behalf of the U.S. Forest Service’s advisory board for the Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) program,  we are reaching out because we believe students in your graduate programs may be interested in becoming a PMF with the Forest Service. The PMF Program is a two-year federal government leadership development program for advanced degree candidates designed to develop government leaders.
PMFs with the Forest Service are graduates from various disciplines, including but not limited to: public policy, business management, economics, biology, forestry, natural resource management, landscape architecture, and law. In recent years, the Forest Service has averaged 12 to 15 new PMF hires per year. The Forest Service has a strong PMF community with a network of mentors and alumni, including leaders from all areas of the Agency, and is considered one of the best PMF communities in the federal government.
Current Forest Service PMFs will be hosting two webinars this fall to introduce the PMF program, its benefits, and its requirements. We invite you to join us on either September 17 at 1:00 PM ET or October 1 at 1:00 PM ET for an hour-long webinar and Q&A session athttps://usfs.adobeconnect.com/npo-100. More information about the webinars can be found in the attached flyer. Please invite all students in your program that you think will be interested in such an event. More information on the PMF program can also be found at the program’s government-wide website at https://www.pmf.gov/
Finally, attached to this email is a packet with information about the Forest Service PMF program. Included in the packet are:
·         Forest Service PMF Program Background: a 2-page introduction to how the PMF program is structured, as well as the impacts and benefits that Forest Service PMFs bring to the Agency.
·         Forest Service PMF Program Recruitment Flyer: a 1-page flyer with information about our upcoming PMF Program webinars, and the deadlines for the PMF application.
·         Forest Service “Top Jobs” Handout: a 2-pager summarizing many of the important and varied careers one can pursue in the Forest Service.
Please reach out with any questions you have to our PMF Communications Committee members, listed below. We hope to see you and your students at one of the webinars.
Communications Committee Members
·         Erin Barton (erin.barton@usda.gov)
·         Catherine Doyle-Capitman (catherine.doyle-capitman@usda.gov)
·         Karen Vyverberg (karen.vyverberg@usda.gov)
·         Alice Lee (alice.lee@usda.gov)
·         John Lacoste (john.lacoste@usda.gov)