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Nature Based Preschool Lead Teacher: Mass Audubon

Education and Outreach Coordinator: Red Wiggler Community Farm

Ecology Educator: The Ecology School

Environmental Program Coordinator: Christadora

Environmental Educator: Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

Environmental Educator: VINS Nature Center
Education Intern: VINS Nature Center
Green Mountain Conservation Camp Coordinator: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department



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Teacher Naturalist: Ozark Natural Science Center

Marine Science Educational Intern, Florida Keys: Newfound Harbor Marine Institute
Marine Conservation Internship, Spring 2015: Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)
PAID Marine Science Education Internship: The Pigeon Key Foundation
Environmental Education Coordinator: The Officer Snook Water Pollution Program

Environmental Educator: Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island

Seasonal Environmental Educator/Interpreter: Reedy Creek Nature Center

Education Program Specialist: Friends of the National Zoo



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Associate Director: The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Field Station Manager: University of Akron



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Executive Director: Tucson Audubon Society

K-12 Outreach Coordinator: University of Texas-Austin
Executive Director: Nature Discovery Center
Female Program Facilitator: Youth Odyssey



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Native Plant Nursery Internship: The Parks Conservancy
Interpretive Science Educator: Pacific Science Center
Outdoor Education/Science Instructor: Ocean Institute
NatureWorks Specialist: Catalina Island Conservancy
Education Manager: Sierra Nevada Journeys, Sacramento Division
Environmental Science Educator: NatureBridge Golden Gate Campus
Residential Programs Coordinator: Sierra Nevada Journeys
Outdoor Educator: San Gregonio Outdoor Science School
Extended Learning Program Coordinator: The Marine Mammal Center
Naturalist: YMCA East Bay Outdoor School at Camp Arroyo
Trail Construction and Maintenance Internship: Golden Gate Parks Conservancy
Trail Stewardship Internship: Golden Gate Parks Conservancy
Coordinator of Education Programs: Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority
Seasonal Naturalist/Health Clerk: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
Seasonal Naturalist: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
Volunteer Coordinator: Oakland Nature Preserve

Marketing Manager: Walking Mountains Science Center
Environmental Nonprofit Graduate Internships & Volunteer Positions: The Institute for Environmental Solutions
Instructional Intern: Jefferson County Outdoor Lab Schools
Outdoor Education Leadership Internship: Jefferson County Outdoor Lab Schools
Sustainability Education Intern: Windy Peak Outdoor Lab

AmeriCorps Positions: Montana State Parks AmeriCorps
Naturalist Position: Montana Audubon Center

FarmCorps Crew Member: Urban Roots
Americorps VISTA- Reno Bike Project: Major Taylor Program

Outdoor Science Camp Cook: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Outdoor Science Instructor: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Science Education Coordinator: Southern Oregon University & Crater Lake National Park
Resource Education Intern: Yaquina Head
Regional Leadership Coordinator: Environmental Education Association of Oregon

Urban EE Position: IslandWood
Environmental Science Educator: NatureBridge
Outreach Educators: Pacific Science Center
Lead Instructor: YMCA Camp Colman
Outdoor Environmental Education Instructor: YMCA Camp Colman
Outdoor Environmental Educator in the San Juan Islands: YMCA of Greater Seattle


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