Outreach Notice GS-0462-06 reforestation technician Marienville RD Allegheny NF.

The Allegheny National Forest is conducting an outreach for a GS-0462-06 Forestry Technician (Timber Stand Improvement) position located at the Marienville District office in Marienville, PA.

Outreach Closes: July 1, 2014

The purpose of this Outreach Notice is to determine the potential applicant pool for this position and to establish the appropriate recruitment method and area of consideration for the advertisement (e.g. technical or professional series, target grade or multi-grade and government-wide or DEMO).

For questions about the position my contact information is below.

Joe Gomola

Timber Team Leader

Marienville Ranger District

Allegheny National Forest



!MRDReforestationTech GS-462-06 Outreach.docx