More info: CNUC to sponsor interns summer 2022

We have 3 openings this summer for internships – 2 in the Chicago area and 1 in Indianapolis.
We do have them posted now on our careers page:

Also, I’m attaching a general job description of what a Consulting Utility Forester (CUF) does in a day in the life. Obviously, experience isn’t necessary as the internship is a way to gain that experience and learn about our industry.

Please feel free to reach back out to me or have any interested students reach out as well should they have any questions.

Thank you!


Christina Cribbs
Regional Coordinator, CNUC
ISA Certified Arborist | SO-5994A

Direct: 423-682-9532 | Employee Owned

Good morning,
My name is Jason Allen, Regional Manager for CNUC. CNUC is an employee owned company founded in 1999 with the vision to provide premier Utility Vegetation Consulting services. Our Company provides Consulting Utility Foresters to Electric companies to patrol their electrical infrastructure and inspect all trees and vegetation for compliance with state, federal and local regulations. We have a contract with ComEd there in Illinois and they are approving us to sponsor internships to allow the future generation an opportunity to learn about Utility Forestry. This is a paid internship, with a company vehicle and housing and meal expenditures if necessary. If you would like to learn more or willing to allow us to take some classroom time to speak directly to your students feel free to reach out to me or Christina who is ccd here and we would love to speak with you.
To learn more about CNUC please visit
Thank you again for your time and have a great day
Jason Allen
Regional Manager// CNUC
ISA Certified Arborist-Utility Specialist // WE-9074AU
Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
Email: JAllen
310.386.2074 mobile
844.764.2682 main| LinkedIn | Employee Owned

Safety doesn’t happen by accident..

Consulting Utility Forester – Job Description.pdf