Interpretation Internship at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

January 29, 2020

Dear Academic Advisor; 

The National Park Service at Mount Rushmore National Memorial offers

academic internships in the interpretive branch to qualifying students in the fields of interpretation, communication, history, parks and recreation management, natural
history, and related studies.

Our interpretive internships allow students to fulfill a number of academic
requirements while experiencing first-hand the interpretive operation of a
major National Park unit.  This year is the 7th year of the Mount Rushmore History Association scholarship. We are offering UP TO 6 scholarship positions. Each position, will receive a $2,000 payment on or about week 6 of the Internship and another $2,000
at the end of a completed 13-16 week internship. This year’s internship season begins on 5/10/20.

Interns work alongside Mount Rushmore staff in conducting guided walks, interpretive talks, roving patrols, and providing visitor services at the information desks.  After intensive orientation to the site and training in the role and practice of interpretation,
interns develop their abilities in
public speaking and visitor services through supervisory coaching and teaching provided by one of our three certified interpretive coaches.

Previous student interns have benefited from such hands-on experience when seeking employment with the National Park Service, related agencies or organizations. Please view our youtube video found here
 for more information

The enclosed description of the internship program may be copied for interested applicants or posted on your department bulletin boards, as needed.

The website source for information on Mount Rushmore National Memorial is
.  We welcome further inquiries about the internship programs at Mount Rushmore. For details, please contact me by phone at (605) 574-3170 or via e-mail at



Blaine Kortemeyer

Assistant Chief of Interpretation and Education

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Office (605) 574 3170

Cell (605) 391 5986