Hiring event for forestry technicians

You have probably heard about this from local sources, but there may be job opportunities for your students in this national hiring event. Many of these positions will be open to the public (Demo). Applicants will just need to navigate USAJOBS and a new Forest Service hiring approach. It might be worthwhile to submit an application even if an individual does not see any positions of interest. My understanding is that positions vacated as part of this hiring event will be filled using applications already received (if a timber marker on the Mark Twain NF gets a new job as part of this hiring event, their vacant position will be filled with the applications already received).

Great news! As part of the agency’s ongoing national hiring efforts, hundreds of forestry technician (0462) positions will open Friday, March 11.

The following forestry technician positions will be open on USAJOBS from March 11-25, 2022:

  • GS-0462-05/06 Timber Marker
  • GS-0462-07 Lead Marker
  • GS-0462-06/07/09 Silviculture Timber Stand Improvement
  • GS-0462-08/09/10 Timber Sales Administrator
Forestry Technician
USAJOBs Open: 3/11/2022 Close: 3/25/2022 USAJOBS Link
Series/Target Grade Career Ladder Official Title Vacancy Strategy Supervisor PD(s) Merit Demo
GS-0462-06 * 05/06 Timber Sale Preparation (Timber Marker) Demo**/Merit No FS6075/FS3054 22-NHE-0462-5-6-FS6075-G 22-NHE-0462-5-6-FS6075-DP
GS-0462-07 Timber Sale Preparation (Lead Marker) Merit Yes FS3224 22-NHE-0462-07-FS3234-G
GS-0462-09* 06/07/08/09 Silviculture Timber Stand Improvement Demo**/Merit No FS2282/FS2283/FS4018/ FS3336 22-NHE-0462-6789-FS3336-G 22-NHE-0462-6789-FS3336-DP
GS-0462-10 08/09/10 Timber Sale Admin Merit No FS5541/FS5542/FS2743 22-NHE-0462-8-9-10-FS2743-G
Duty Location- GIS StoryMap USFS Forestry Technician Jobs – Now Hiring 2022 (arcgis.com)
* Full performance level varies by location
** DEMO announcements will be capped after the first 750 applications are received.

Applications are only accepted through USAJOBS. Employment duty locations and start dates vary. The job announcements do not list specific duty locations. Qualified applicants will be prompted to provide their location preferences prior to the interview phase. For a list of duty locations, please review the USFS Forestry Technician–Now Hiring locations map.

Current vacancies and backfills will be hired using these job vacancy announcements. Current employees seeking advancement in the job series are encouraged to apply and should update their USAJOBS profile with the following documents:

  • Federal resume that includes
    • personal information such as name, address and contact information
    • education
    • detailed work experience related to the positions as described in the major duties, including work schedule, hours worked per week, dates of employment, title, series, and grade
    • supervisor’s phone number and if the supervisor may be contacted for a reference check
    • other qualifications
  • Most recent non-award Notification of Personnel Action (SF-50)
  • Most recent performance appraisal (dated within 18 months)

Review the job vacancy announcements carefully for deadlines and any other required information to include in your application. For more information on the application process, recorded Microsoft Teams webinars by the National Strategic Recruitment Team are available regarding federal resume building and eligibilities and qualifications.

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