Fwd: Summer Internship Opportunity

The Local Conservation District I work in is looking for a summer intern still.   If you have any students still looking for internships that are interested in NRCS / SWCD type work please forward them the information.  The position is
a focus 50 percent Abandoned Mine Land (AML), Marion County Iowa has the most abandon surface mines in the state. The other 50 percent will be conservation district field and office work.  This is the first year they are putting an emphasis on soil health
issue related to mine land restoration.  I have included a link to the announcement.  Many of our interns have stayed at Central College for the summer been able to find very reasonable housing there if housing is a concern. The link below is to the announcement.




I hope everything is going well this semester. I’m guessing you all are getting ramped up for finals.


Thanks ,





Nathan Rahe

Soil Conservationist

1445 Lake Drive, Ste. 1

Knoxville, Iowa 50138

(641) 842-5314 ext. 302



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