Field Representative Position for American Lumber Standard Committee

American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) is in the process of hiring a field representative for the Midwest Region. The ALSC system is an integral part of the forest product industry’s economy and is the basis for the sale and purchase of virtually all softwood lumber traded in North America. We would like nothing more than to have graduating Southern Illinois University Carbondale students consider us as a possible career option. Could you please assist me in getting the attached job announcement to the appropriate party to post on a jobs announcement board? Even better, do you know of a contact I might approach to see if there are any students currently in your school that might fit this type of job? Any effort you put forth on our behalf will be greatly appreciated.

American Lumber Standard Committee, Inc
7470 New Technology Way
Frederick, MD 21703
301-972-1700 ext. 115

ALSC Job Announcement (2020) KC.pdf