Example Federal Fire Hire + Advice From SIU Forestry Alum Jeremy

I received another posting from Forestry Alum, Jeremy Surprenant.  I will also include part of Jeremy’s message to me below.  Good luck, we would love to see more SIU Foresters in these permanent positions.  He invites you to call him if you have questions.
All the Best, Patti


From: Jeremy:

Most people looking for jobs straight out of college do not realize this, but this is an incredibly rare opportunity to get a permanent fire position right out of the gate.  Very rarely do you see permanent fire positions announced at the 3 and 4 level.  Typically the lowest permanent fire position is at the GS-5 level, which takes multiple seasons as a temporary seasonal employee to qualify for.  Many students should qualify for the GS3 and if anyone has a season of fire experience they’ll qualify for the GS4 positions. 

Feel free to pass this along to those who may be interested, and as always, any students with questions about federal hiring are more than welcome to reach out to me.  Cell phone below works best.  

Thank you!!


Forest Service ShieldJeremy Surprenant
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(Captain E-601)Forest ServiceLand Between the Lakes National Recreation Areap: 270-924-2188
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