Cultural Cairns on Cinder Cones at Haleakalā National Park’s Crater Wilderness

Exercise: Determine how you’d manage visitor impacts to a site that’s culturally/spiritually important to native Hawaiians in the crater wilderness. For those of you that grew up in a typical western Christian tradition, this would be like somebody setting up their backpacking tent in your church or family graveyard, and playing around there. Interactive Onsite […]

Management Exercise: Close Down Visitor-Created Trails at Haleakalā’s Cinder Cone Rim?

Now that you have the briefest of introductions to the site, explore it in high resolution using Google Earth, for our class exercise: So, how would you address the visitor motivation to explore, the resource impacts to soil, vegetation, and wildlife, and visitor safety/risk?

Example Federal U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Park Ranger Job Announcement Via Network

Hi Doc, If you‘ve know anybody who wants to come work with me up in the eastern Sierras have them throw their name in.  Hope you and Ms. Emmy are doing ok with all of the fun times! Ely Lane Park Ranger, Bureau of Land Management  USDI Region 10 760-872-5008 Bishop Field Office  351 Pacu Lane […]