Cultural Cairns on Cinder Cones at Haleakalā National Park’s Crater Wilderness

Exercise: Determine how you’d manage visitor impacts to a site that’s culturally/spiritually important to native Hawaiians in the crater wilderness. For those of you that grew up in a typical western Christian tradition, this would be like somebody setting up their backpacking tent in your church or family graveyard, and playing around there.

Interactive Onsite Google Earth:

Management Exercise: Close Down Visitor-Created Trails at Haleakalā’s Cinder Cone Rim?

Now that you have the briefest of introductions to the site, explore it in high resolution using Google Earth, for our class exercise:

So, how would you address the visitor motivation to explore, the resource impacts to soil, vegetation, and wildlife, and visitor safety/risk?

Open Positions – Forestry Technicians & Crew Leads


I hope this email finds you well. I am Amanda McGarry and I work as a Member Coordinator for the American Conservation Experience – Emerging Professional Internship Corps. We are currently recruiting for a large crew of Forestry Technicians and Crew Leads for the May-October/November season on the Tahoe National Forest. These positions are specifically serving with the Tahoe National Forest Yuba River Ranger District in Camptonville, CA.
All Forestry Technicians and Crew Leads in these positions gain valuable timber cruising experience alongside Forest Service employees and mentors. Quite often, our Forestry Technicians go on to continued employment as seasonal technicians on the forest or find permanent positions within the USFS.

I have attached a PDF of the positions.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, as I’m happy to expand on anything!


Amanda McGarry (she/her)

Member Coordinator – USFS Division
American Conservation Experience
Emerging Professional In Conservation

Office/Cell: 385-271-4072

FINAL_Yuba River RD_Tahoe Forestry Technician Lead.pdf
FINAL_Yuba River RD_Tahoe Forestry Technician.pdf

Example Federal U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Park Ranger Job Announcement Via Network

Hi Doc,

If you‘ve know anybody who wants to come work with me up in the eastern Sierras have them throw their name in.  Hope you and Ms. Emmy are doing ok with all of the fun times!

Ely Lane

Park Ranger, Bureau of Land Management 

USDI Region 10


Bishop Field Office 

351 Pacu Lane Bishop, CA 95314

From: Lisius, Sherri K <
Subject: park ranger permanent gs-05/07 open now

Hello All,

We have a gs-05/07 permanent park ranger open right now. Please send to anyone that you know might interested.


Sherri Lisius

Supervisory Resource Management Specialist

Bureau of Land Management, California 

DOI, Region 10

Bishop, CA

760-872-5022 (Office)

Mount Monadnock, Monadnock State Park: Elevation & Topographic Effects on Forest Composition & Soils