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The Pathways program is one great way to score a federal internship/summer job/foot in the door. In some cases, the work you do as a student translates into full-time employment after you graduate.

Here’s one handy guide and a practical video tutorial.

PROTIP: When searching on for internships, the search engine is not smart enough to join “internships” with “internship” so you need to search for both.

Check out this short set of notes I took at a recent Pathways orientation program: Pathways Program.

PROTIP: Think about positions that your Forestry program at SIU trains you for–beyond the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service:

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Bureau of Land Management

The following is taken from a helpful guide for students, provided by Kelly Pearson (original source unknown):

The Pathways Program provides paths to Federal careers for students and recent graduates. The Pathways programs consist of the Internship Program, the Recent Graduate Program and the Presidential Management Fellows Program. (See )
• The Internship Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore Federal careers while still in school. It replaces the Student Temporary Experience Program (STEP) and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP). Students may be hired on a temporary basis for up to one year (NTE Intern) or for an indefinite period (Indefinite Intern).
• The Recent Graduates Program is available to individuals who have completed qualifying degree or certificate programs in the previous two years. Qualified veterans may have an extended application period due to military service obligation.
• The revised Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program provides an expanded eligibility window for individuals who have completed an advanced degree within the past two years.
What you need to know
• In February and September of 2013, the Forest Service will advertise an agency wide Pathways job announcement for Internship and Recent Graduate opportunities using the USAJobs website:
• The application period will be brief, so we recommend that you prepare your application materials in advance (see below).
• You will need to complete an application for those positions that match your academic or career goals and for any locations you are willing to work at. During the application process, you will be asked to choose what duty locations you would be willing to accept. The Forest Service has over 700 work locations across the nation.
• Orientation, mentoring, and training plans are requirements of the programs.

What can you do in advance to prepare?
• Get familiar with USAJobs. See “How to Apply for a Job on USAJobs” at:
• Create an account on USAJobs website.
• Use the USAJobs tool to create a profile and resume
• Post all relevant documents to your USAJob account, i.e. current transcripts, degree completion documentation, letters of recommendations, and veterans preference documentation
• Sign-up for e-mail notifications for Forest Service job postings using the “save search” function in your USAJobs profile.
• Subscribe to the Forest Service Jobs Twitter feed @ForestService to receive updates on the Pathways opportunities. We will use the Twitter hashtag : #FSstudentjobs.
• Go to the Forest Service website and decide which locations you would be willing to work at:
• You can learn more about how to apply for Pathways opportunities on USAJobs through an Office of Personnel Management video on YouTube:
Note: The Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF) application process is managed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and most of the information above does not apply to the PMF program. OPM posts PMF opportunities, once a year, usually in the Fall. For Information about this process, please go to the PMF website at: .

Proposed Occupations for the National Pathways Postings
Social Science, Psychology, & Welfare Group Student Trainee 0199
Human Resources Management Group Student Trainee 0299
General Administration, Clerical, and Office Services Group Student Trainee 0399
Natural Resources and Biological Sciences Group Student Trainee 0499
Accounting and Budget Group Student Trainee 0599
Engineering and Architecture Group Student Trainee 0899
Information, Communications, and Arts Group Student Trainee 1099
Business, Contracting, Procurement, and Industry Group Student Trainee 1199
Physical Sciences Group Student Trainee 1399
Education Group Student Trainee 1799
Inspection, Investigation, Enforcement, & Compliance Group Student Trainee 1899
Information Technology Group Student Trainee 2299

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