Opportunities for Interpretation and Trail Building

I would like to pass on some information regarding upcoming opportunities through Touch of Nature for students to gain some interp and trail building experience. This would be excellent for those students in your FOR 420 Interpretation class. More information can be found in the "OTPYG Fridays Flyer" attached.

But wait! There’s more!

We have trail building days scheduled here at Touch as well as in collaboration with the Forest Service at various locations throughout the forest. That information can be found in the "Trail Days Flyer" also attached.

Finally (I promise this is the last thing!), I have included our "Open Paddle" flyer in case some students or yourself would like to come relax out on the lake once the weather becomes more hospitable.

See you tomorrow.

Alex Halbrook
Graduate Assistant,
Environmental Education,
Touch of Nature Environmental Center,
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
(618) 453-1121 ext. 241