Forestry Technician (Trails) Temporary position GS-462-4/5


Forestry Technician (Trails)

Temporary NTE 1039 hours

GS-0462-4 and GS-0462-5

The Shawnee National Forest (Forest) will soon be filling two temporary GS-0462-4 and GS-0462-5, NTE 1039 hours, Forestry Technician (Trails) positions. The positions are located on the Hidden Springs Ranger District with a duty station in Vienna Illinois. The positions will be advertised in USAJOBS.The purpose of this Outreach and Vacancy Notice is to inform prospective applicant of this opportunity.

Anyone interested is encouraged to complete the attached

Outreach Response Form as well as apply to the vacancy announcements. The open period for the vacancies is March 3, 2015 through March 9, 2015.

Please reply to this outreach and complete your application in USAJOBS by

March 9th, 2015.

GS-0462-4-5 Forestry Tech (Trails) Shawnee NF Seasonal Outreach Notice.docx