Job opening: restoration supervisor

Phillip Oser

RE: Job Opening Position: Restoration Supervisor Date of Hire: Spring 2015

Eco Logic LLC is looking for a highly motivated individual who is interested in a career opportunity in the field of ecological restoration. We are looking for a team player who shares our commitment to the environment and life long education. Salary and benefits will depend on skills, experience and education.
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in the field of natural resource management.
• Knowledge of woodland, wetland and prairie plants native to Indiana and the Midwest.
• Excellent winter tree and shrub ID skills
• Knowledge of plants invasive to Indiana and the Midwest.
• Experience with supervision of permanent, seasonal and/or temporary laborers on the job.
• Ability to work outside in extreme weather conditions.
• Ability to perform physical labor such as bending, using power equipment and lifting.
• Ability to obtain category pesticide license with IN state chemist during probation period.
• Knowledge or willingness to learn computer systems, programs and GPS units.
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Ability to operate trucks, trailers, tractors, loaders and off road vehicles safely.
• Proficiency operating a rubber tracked loader with forestry mulching head (FECON)
• Proficiency operating chainsaws and felling trees safely in a natural area setting.

Demonstrates clear communication with co-workers, supervisors and clients
Reads site plans, maps and project specifications to implement and complete projects
Participates in project management meetings with principals and leads laborers on site
Shows discipline in filling out paperwork, and manages office time effectively
Demonstrates ability and interest in continuing education
Develops new and innovative systems, streamlines processes and accomplish tasks on time
Has a positive attitude and a “can do" approach to challenges and obstacles
Please send resume to :

Phillip Oser
8685 W Vernal Pk. Bloomington, IN 47404
Eco Logic is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard