Scholarship opportunity for students

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I am not sure if SIU has an area students can go to look for scholarships, or if you are the right person to contact about this even. However, my company has a scholarship they award every year and not many people apply or even know about it, so I am trying to spread the word as last year it wasn’t awarded at all. The link for the scholarship is , I am not sure if they are still accepting applications, but like I said they offer it every year. Both of my brothers went to SIU (Joe and Tim Fleischauer), and since they have to be from an Illinois school to be awarded the scholarship, I figured I would try SIU. Anyone in the fields of geology, environmental science, restoration, ecology, biology, etc. would be eligible to apply to said scholarship. The link has all the details, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am most easily reached by e-mail as I am usually in the field and out of the office. I hope that this has reached the right person, and if not, I would appreciate if you could forward it to the respectful contact(s).

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