2017 Forest Service Field Season Outreach and Job Announcements

Please assist us by networking this great opportunity on a busy, complex forest. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is outreaching to fill open non-fire positions, during the spring fire hire with various duty locations.

There is an open and continuous vacancy announcement which you can apply to through the USAJOBS website at https://www.usajobs.gov if interested. Vacancy announcement numbers are listed in the attachment.

Vacancy Announcements Open on USAJOBS


Questions regarding a specific position or location should be directed to the point-of-contact listed in the attached announcement.

Frances E. Lindquist

Civil Rights Officer

Forest Service

Shasta Trinity National Forest, Redding

3644 Avtech Parkway


Alumni Caelan Parker Provides Forestry Seniors with U.S.F.S. Initial Job Tips

Recently I caught up with Mr. Caelan Parker, an outstanding recent alum of our program.  He had great advice for our current students preparing to graduate:

(YouTube version)

(download mp4 version) (download m4v version)

Caelan, you’re gonna go far!

–Dr. Park