Shawnee National Forest Temporary Fire Outreach and Vacancy Notices


Forestry Aid

(Fire Suppression)


Forestry Technician



Forestry Technician
(Fire Engine Operator)


The Shawnee National Forest is advertising multiple GS-0462-3/4/5 1039 Fire positions. These positions are Temporary NTE 1039s and will be located in Murphysboro and/or Vienna, Illinois. The purpose of this Outreach and Vacancy Notice is to inform prospective applicants of this opportunity.

The positions will be posted on USAJOBS under the following announcements beginning July 7, 2014 through July 14, 2014:
14-TEMP-110908-54855DT-LS for the GS-0462-03 Fire Suppression

14-TEMP-110908-54852DT-LS for the GS-0462-04 Hotshot/Handcrew

14-TEMP-110908-54848DT-LS for the GS-0462-05 Hotshot/Handcrew

14-TEMP-110908-54577DT-LS for the GS-0462-04 Fire Engine Operator

14-TEMP-110908-54841DT-LS for the GS-0462-05 Fire Engine Operator

The referral lists will be requested on or soon after July 15, 2014. All applicants who apply to the announcement by July 14, 2014 and found to be qualified will be referred for consideration for this position.

Anyone interested is encouraged to complete the attached Outreach Response Form as well as apply to the jobs separately

at when the announcements open on July 7, 1014.
Please reply to this outreach and apply by July 14, 2014.

Whit Jiter

Fire Engine Operator

Hidden Springs R.D.

Shawnee National Forest

(618)658-2111 EXT. 1305

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GS-3-4-5 Forestry Aid and_or Forestry Technician – Shawnee NF Seasonal E….docx

GS-3-4-5 Forestry Aid and_or Forestry Technician – Shawnee NF Seasonal H….docx

Bridger-Teton National Forest Recreation Tech – Outreach

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is outreaching to fill a permanent GS-0462-06/07 Recreation Position on the Kemmerer Ranger District. The duty location of this position will be Kemmerer, Wyoming. If you have questions re. the above outreach, please contact the person listed in the outreach. Thanks

Mary K Greenwood

Natural Resource Specialist – Recreation

Big Piney and Kemmerer Ranger District

Bridger-Teton National Forest Service

(307) 276-5821

B-T RecTech Outreach_Kemmerer_2014.docx

Outreach Notice GS-0462-06 reforestation technician Marienville RD Allegheny NF.

The Allegheny National Forest is conducting an outreach for a GS-0462-06 Forestry Technician (Timber Stand Improvement) position located at the Marienville District office in Marienville, PA.

Outreach Closes: July 1, 2014

The purpose of this Outreach Notice is to determine the potential applicant pool for this position and to establish the appropriate recruitment method and area of consideration for the advertisement (e.g. technical or professional series, target grade or multi-grade and government-wide or DEMO).

For questions about the position my contact information is below.

Joe Gomola

Timber Team Leader

Marienville Ranger District

Allegheny National Forest



!MRDReforestationTech GS-462-06 Outreach.docx