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Logan Park is actively developing useful tools for assessing visitor impacts in recreation areas.

Seminar I Just Gave: Rise of the Robots: Machine vision and your cellphone’s all-seeing sensors in forest recreation ecology

Long title, interesting talk.  This seminar was about the hard work we’re doing to train cellphones to make detailed measurements for recreation ecology.  It is going very well. 🙂

Links to downloads below.  If you use the PDF version, I don’t believe it will include the embedded videos…


Link to presentation powerpoint slide deck

Link to PDF version


Seminar I Just Gave: Rec Without Wrecking

Here’s a link to the HTML version (Warning, it is HUGE).

Link to original OSX Keynote version

We’re doing a lot of work in recreation ecology lately.  Very exciting stuff!  This talk was designed to spur some conversation among the audience regarding current topics and controversies in recreation ecology.  We also talked a lot about applying rec ecology principles on the Shawnee National Forest in our backyards.  The talk was sponsored by the Friends of the Shawnee National Forest.  If you like what you see, join up!

Link to powerpoint version


Enhancing visual research with computer animation: A study of crowding-related standards of quality for the loop road at Acadia National Park

Attached is a presentation for a research project I developed with my colleagues and friends at the UVM Park Studies Lab.  Great project using computer animation to simulate a range of visitor experiences along Acadia National Park’s Ocean Drive loop road.  You can use associated video clips in the same way that simulated photos are used to depict crowding conditions at parks and other protected areas.


Not sure how it works?  Contact my research group.

Enhancing visual research with computer animation: A study of crowding-related standards of quality for the loop road at Acadia National Park

Instructions for producing this sort of computer animation are here; I constructed them when I was a graduate student: Animating Vehicle Scenes in Poser

Measuring Soil Loss/Erosion on Trails

Erosion at Haleakala National ParkSoil erosion is a major concern in parks, wilderness areas, forests and other protected areas devoted to recreation. As a primary effect of over-intensive recreation and historic land use, erosion is a perennial target for management efforts.

Measuring soil erosion along a trail is a fairly straightforward process, but requires careful bookkeeping– the field staff generate tons of data. To get an idea of the process, take a look at a tool I’ve developed to aid in cross sectional area (CSA) soil loss measurement.

Like any tool, it can be misused without proper instruction. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Disclaimer aside, enjoy–

CSA Calculator Power Tool

If you like it, I’d really appreciate a link to this post on your website. Suggestions for powertool improvement are always welcome.